We allow our clients to stay in control of their wealth by helping them develop and implement individualized strategies for preservation and transfer across generations.

Wealth offers both challenges and opportunities. As trusted advisors with more than a century of combined experience our team of experts is qualified and ready to help you navigate wealth’s complexities. From investment management and asset allocation to trust administration and strategic planning, you can count on Bridges Trust to help you meet your wealth management goals.

Investment Management

Through our partnership with Bridges Investment Management our team applies decades of investment expertise and depth to develop long-term investment strategies specific to each clients goals. Our investment management services include:

  • Investment Policy Development
  • Asset Allocation Plan Development
  • In-house Portfolio Management
  • Core, Alternative & Special Asset Class Oversight
  • Allocation and Rebalancing

Trust & Estate Administration

More than any other financial arrangement, trusts can increase the likelihood that your personal and financial desires will come true. The competent administration of your trust and estate involves more than just a simple transfer of assets. When you name Bridges Trust as your trustee, you can rest assured that our team of experienced and dedicated professionals will provide your loved ones with thoughtful and exceptional personal service. We work closely with our clients to create innovative, flexible and timely solutions that carry out the objectives of the client and maintain the wellbeing of his or her beneficiaries. Our trust and estate administration services include:

  • Trustee Fiduciary Services
  • Agent for Trustee
  • Beneficiary Education & Mentoring
  • Estate Administration
  • Professional Investment Management

Family Office Services

As high net worth and ultra-high net worth families grow, they need specialized advice in order to address the unique goals and objectives of the family members. Bridges Trust has the ability to act as a personal wealth advisor to each individual family member to advise on issues, such as, lifestyle planning, cash flow planning, estate and wealth transfer planning, tax planning and philanthropic planning. We work closely with our client's other professional advisors to ensure that they receive coordinated advice geared toward achieving the client's specific goals and needs. We also work with individual family members as necessary to improve their overall understanding of the financial, fiduciary, legal and tax aspects of family wealth. Some of our family office services include:

  • Lifestyle Enhancements
    • Personal bill paying
    • Property and travel management
    • Cash flow management and forecasting
    • General ledger accounting
    • Tax compliance
  • Family Continuity and Governance
    • Family governance and education
    • Family meeting coordination
    • Family communication plan
    • Leadership & career training
    • Coaching & mentoring
  • Client Information Management
    • Annual consolidated net worth statements
    • Quarterly investment performance reports
    • Investment partnership accounting
    • Entity accounting and reporting
    • Annual status reports
    • Recordkeeping
  • Integrated Financial Strategies
    • Balance sheet analysis
    • Integrated tax and income plan design
    • Retirement planning
    • Tax and income plan implementation
    • Coordination of advisors

Philanthropic Advisory Services

Charitable giving can help define a family's legacy and encourage a sense of social responsibility in future generations. Bridges Trust has extensive experience administering charitable trusts and family foundations, and in managing trust, foundation and endowment assets. Our experienced professional staff will work to design and implement a plan for charitable giving that is both effective and fulfilling.

  • Multi-generational objectives
  • Private foundation management
  • Governance and Board development
  • Foundation trustee training
  • Strategy analysis and implementation
  • Foundation & grant administration
  • Personal giving programs

Strategic Planning

We believe that strategic planning is core to effective wealth management. Each client's individual goals drive the wealth management process. It's only by fully understanding our clients' family, business, lifestyle and legacy goals that we can begin to design a comprehensive and thoughtful plan that meets client objectives. Our team of experts works closely with our clients, their families, and their other professional advisors to deliver and implement customized plans that meet each client's unique needs.

  • Development of objectives
  • Multi-generational transfer planning
  • Legal and tax strategies
  • Financial modeling of alternative strategies
  • Action plan development